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Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 66; HQ6:27- 45 pages 131+132

Welcome Friends:  Ahlan wa sahlan!

Yesterday, we ended our reading with Verse 26, which discussed the response shown by ‘Those who Deny,’ towards the Qur’an:

“Even as they are prohibiting others from it (the Qur’an), they are distancing themselves from it. And none are they ‘breaking down’ (يهلكون) except their (own) Selves without so realizing.”

1.  We continue with today’s Reading and find that, what seemed more like a mental/spiritual ‘breakdown’ in yesterday’s verses, is taking on physical connotations: the ‘break-down’ is none other than Death هلاك –and we realize this fact when Verse 27 shows these same persons in the Fire!  They wish they could be returned to life so as to believe in God’s Signs, and be among the Faithful. 

Verse 28 offers us an insight into what would happen if they were, in fact, returned: They would repeat the same things they were forbidden to do, for they are indeed Liars.  Yusuf Ali uses the word ‘relapse.’
The way I understand it, is that where we might be, does not change who we are.  A Denier who intentionally covers كفر something s/he knows to be true, a LIAR, will do so again and again, anytime, anywhere.

2.  Verses 29-31 are even more serious as these persons are shown to be denying Judgment in life, and then ‘facing’ their Lord where a decisive exchange takes place.  Only in that situation, are they self-accusing and incapable of lying.  Their sentence is pronounced: 
“…Then taste the ‘penalty/suffering’ (Ali/Asad) in this, what you were Denying!” 
Only then do such persons -who denied that they shall be meeting God- truly feel their loss.  They bear the burden of their misdeeds as they voice their regret for having disregarded the (final) Hour.  

3.  Verse 32 is a statement of fact about this Immediate Life الحياة الدنيا (also HQ29:64; 47:36; 57:20):
This immediate Life is no more than ‘play and amusement/play and passing delight’ (Ali/Asad), while the Hereafter is best for those who are Aware, and the verse ends with the question
“…Are you not securing comprehension (of this fact)?” ([i] عَقَلَ) to secure/ hold fast, literally as with a rope, and figuratively as in comprehension.

4.  Verses 33-37 address the Messenger, peace upon him, providing solace and encouragement with descriptions of what previous Messengers had also gone through.  God tells him that He knows that the words of Qureish (his own tribe and family) are causing him grief, but that they are not, in reality, rejecting him… they are rejecting God’s Signs!

Verse 35 responds to the frustration felt by His Messenger who is doing his best, and still being spurned by the heads of Qureish.  The verses seem to indicate that, although those who Deny might be asking for miracles, even if they got them- (whether from up high in the heavens or from the bowels of the earth), things would not change.  (Remember verse 7?  Even if they saw a Compilation in ‘qirtaas’ قرطاس–in hardcopy- descending upon the Messenger from the heavens, they would call it ‘Sorcery!’)  Such persons will not believe, no matter what YOU do. 
And anyway, THE GOAL IS NOT THAT EVERYONE IS MADE TO BELIEVE IN GOD, for had that been the goal, God could have brought them all together in Guidance.  (We should remember this when we try to convince people to follow God’s Guidance!) 
The verse ends by saying,
“…then be not, indeed, among the ignorant.” 
God’s powerful ‘voice’ is heard here, addressing His Messenger directly, and the rest of us indirectly, as His Messenger dutifully conveys.  May God’s peace and blessings be upon him, and may WE work in gratitude!

In verses 36-37 we understand that people are two kinds:  Those who respond to the Message, indicating that they have listened to it, and those who are, in fact, dead (of heart/mind) - ‘mawtaa  موتى-’ -having neither listened nor responded!  These ‘Dead’ shall not only be raised, but they shall also be returned to their Creator.  The Messenger is told that, when they ask for Signs to be delivered unto him from His Lord, he should reply that God certainly is Capable of sending any Sign, but most of them do not know.

5.  Verse 38 is a beautiful statement, oft-quoted to illustrate the similarity of all Living Creatures, and the magnificence of their Divine Creator:

“There is not a scurrying creature دابّة on earth, nor a flying ceatureطائر on its two wings, but (forms) communities similar to yourselves.  Nothing have we omitted in the Compilation, eventually, unto their Lord shall they be gathered.”

All living creatures are similar in that they form their own communities in which they interact with each other- no matter how they transport themselves.

6.  Verse 39 portrays those who belie or reject God’s Signs as being deaf and dumb in their darkness-es. 
Since God has provided people with Guidance, and only asks us to accept it, it naturally follows that that anyone who rejects his guidance will lose direction, and that is God’s will.  The opposite is also true:  it is His will that people who accept His Guidance will be on a Straight Path.  The choice WE make is not imposed, although the natural RESULTS for our choices, are.

Nevertheless, Verses 40-41 present those who Deny God with a challenge, beginning with a question which the Messenger is told to ask them, if they can respond to it in all honesty! 
When people are in real suffering or facing the Hour (of Judgment) Whom other than God will they call unto? 
In such a situation, it is only God to Whom they will address their calls, and He might, if He willed, remove their distress… even as they forget those (deities/holy figures) whom they used to associate with Him!

7.  Verses 42-43 narrate historical accounts of people to whom God sent Messengers.  When they refused their warnings, God brought adversity upon them so they would turn to Him in prayer and humbleness.  Instead, their hearts/minds became hardened as the Deviant/Sheytaan embellished their acts for them. 
And then in Verses 44-45 (we find what seems like a surprising turn of events):

God opens wide the gates of Worldly Pleasures to these Heedless persons!

Well-explained by both Yusuf Ali and Muhammad Asad, our Reading today ends with: “… praise be to God, Lord of the diverse Worlds!”

Enough said!
Our next Reading is from HQ6:46-58
Peace unto all!

[i] (عقل) حُبْسة في الشَّيء أو ما يقارب الحُبْسة. من ذلك العَقْل، وهو الحابس عن ذَميم القَول والفِعل. ..قال الخليل: العَقل: نقيض الجهل. ورجل عَقُول، إذا كان حسَنَ الفَهم وافر العَقْل. عقَلْت البَعيرَ أعقِلُه عقلاً، إذا شَدَدتَ يدَه بعِقاله، وهو الرِّباط... فأمّا قولُهم: فلانةُ عقيلةُ قومِها، فهي كريمتُهم وخيارهم. ويُوصَف بذلك السيِّد أيضاً فيقال: هو عقيلة قومه. وعقيلةُ كلِّ شيءٍ: أكرمُه. والدُّرّة: عَقيلة البحر.

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