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Image: 14th C. Qur'an, Mamluk origin, Library of Congress; Rights obtained.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 212; Qur’an 35:33-45; Page 438- 439


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Yusuf Ali’s Translation of this Chapter.
Muhammad Asad’s Translation of this Chapter.
Their commentaries can only be read in verse by verse view.


PAGE 438 Arabic Qur’an.

1. The last two verses we discussed, (31- 32), were VERY important, dear Reader; I hope that you followed my links.  I also promised you that we’d return to them:

These verses, addressed to the Messenger Muhammad, peace upon him, indicated that the ‘wahi’ he was receiving (وحي) is OF/ FROM the Compilation, confirming what was previous to it.  And they also gave us an outline of what happens afterwards, in fact, warning us of the consequences of our inaction!

We already know that the Compilation has essentially been one throughout history, delivered by a certain Messenger at a certain time.  But once the Messenger has departed, the Message he leaves behind becomes a ‘heritage/ inheritance’ to those who choose to follow it, as God’s worshippers.

This ‘heritage’ has the potential to bring out the best in its followers, WHEN they make the effort. 

But people are not alike: 
Some will simply ‘belong’ to a group, even while wronging their Selves; others will be frugal in the little good they do and the little harm they avoid; while others will try to do their best.

On April 17th we found much to learn from HQ7:167, especially in comparison to how we look upon our ‘Compilation’ today, where we said:

‘WE have literally inherited the Compilation… and are now going the same way, despite having read, and studied, and pledged ourselves to what it holds.  WE are the ones who consider ourselves beyond reproach, to be forgiven because of our ‘heritage’– each to our specific sect, of course!’
Yet there is hope for us all.  The Qur’anic Compilation is UNLIKE ANY OTHER in that it still is today, in its original words, as compiled almost 1,400 years ago: 

It still yields great benefit as a Compilation/ Kitaab, BUT:


All we have to do, is approach it with Cognizance (activating the 6 ‘components of Iqra’ related to information processing).

Please make sure you understand the distinction between ‘Kitaab’ which is static information and CAN therefore be ‘inherited,’ and the ‘Qur’an’ which ‘is dynamic (interactive) by way of ‘IQRA’ and ‘Tarteel’ (Realization, Identification, and Confirmation)  and CANNOT be inherited. 

--Qur’an can only be activated when approached with cognition and purpose, and presented to others in the same way -)‘yuqra’- يُقرأ with its 6 components, mentioned 7 times in the Qur’an: HQ7:204; 16:98; 17:45, 106; 73:20; 75:18[i]; 84:21).
--Qur’an can be listened to (HQ41:26; 72:1).

--And Qur’an can be, and often is……abandoned (HQ25:30)[ii].

This is the core message in iqrathechallenge- if you wish to make the most of your Reading, please make sure you understand these concepts.

2.  In Verses 34- 35 we hear the beautiful words of Those who were Foremost in Goodness (they were described in Verse 29-30, where God Promised to fulfill their recompense AND lavish them with His Bounty).

In depth: 
Q. How do we know these Verses 34-35 are about them specifically? 
A. Because the deeds in which they were foremost were described in Verse 29, they call their Lord ‘Ghafoor-Shakoor’ in Verse 34, which is what He called Himself when he made them that promise in Verse 30, AND they thank Him for His Bounty in Verse 35, which He promised to lavish on them, also in Verse 30!

Dear Reader:
Take a good look: With all those Qur’anic pointers…WHO ELSE could it be?

Yet, in many Arabic traditional explanations we find the Commentator, who thought that ‘inheriting the Compilation’ means ‘inheriting’ the Qur’an (not realizing the distinction between the two words)… such commentators said that Verses 33-34 are about all three categories combined– not just the Foremost.  In other words, according to these commentators, all three categories will be enjoying God’s Bounty ‘faDdl’ (فضل) regardless of misdeeds, because they inherited the Qur’anic Compilation.  Therefore, to them, there is only one stipulation which is: ‘Faith’/ ‘Islam’ (according to how each group defines these words).

Did you get it, dear Reader?
This is one reason why some so-called ‘religious’ people justify doing what is quite clearly ‘Wrong’ to everyone else, or take important matters lightly, or follow a set of priorities that is only self-serving; they rely on their ‘heritage’ to get them to God’s Infinite Bounty TOGETHER with those who are working hard and are Foremost in Goodness. 

It is this mindset which has helped divide people into US versus THEM, the ‘us’ of course always being any limited group with a specific ‘heritage,’ where everyone believes ‘identically.’  This development took place with ‘Jews,’ then ‘Christians,’ and then ‘Muslims,’ splintering  each, and causing animosity towards everyone else:

When people revere their Heritage more than God, they have much in common with idolatrous Qureish.  Such persons do not realize that they have no birthright advantages over the rest of Humanity, that what constitutes universally agreeable ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ cannot be self-serving, and that although each generation builds upon its predecessors, it should THEN LAUNCH ITSELF independently towards God. 

The idol-worshippers of Qureish failed to do this; many People of (Earlier) Compilation failed to this… Believers were in danger of doing this… many MUSLIMS TODAY are, in fact, failing to do this… which is one reason why ‘forefathers’ (آباء) are so often mentioned in the Qur’an!

3.  In Verses 36- 37 we view a contrasting scene; Hell-fire for every Denier (literally, someone who ‘covers’).  This is Persuasion versus Dissuasion.  Notice how they ask for another chance and are told that they already were given long lives, with ample time to remember!
Aging is supposed to be a blessing; if only we made the most of it!

Verse 38 is about God’s full Knowledge of what we might think is ‘hidden.’

PAGE 439 Arabic Qur’an.

4.  Verse 39 (Ali/Asad) reminds us that we ‘succeed’ or ‘follow and replace’ one another on this earth, and that Deniers only harm themselves.  On May 11th we explained the words ‘khalaa’ef’ (from the root-verb ‘khalafa’) saying:

“Here we note the term ‘khala’ef’ on earth- خلائف في الأرض and see quite clearly (as discussed on April 5th) that human 'succession' is always related to the earth- not to God.  The Qur’an NEVER mentions that anyone is God’s successor or vicegerent, or anything similar!  Such an allegation, may constitute ‘shirk’ at most, and disrespect, or ignorance at the least.  God is not to be succeeded by anyone or anything!  This is just one example of the many instances where we have gone wrong, and ended up echoing each other -without even thinking.”

5. Verse 40 challenges those who ‘associate partners’ with God- even to show a life they created, a portion of the Heavens that they claim, or a Compilation they received!  All is ‘vain delusion,’ while to God belongs all Power, and Forgiveness (41).
Read 41… and think of the vastness of the small part of the universe which we are now learning about… and the vastness of what we can never reach… 78 Billion Light-years away! 
(Want more?)
Verses 42- 43 show how some people might promise God/themselves something, but when the time comes, they renege on their promise– mostly out of arrogance. 

Here we notice an important statement, which should give us much relief (unless we’ve been guilty of planning to harm others in any way): ".....ولا يحيق المكر السيء إلا بأهله....."
Ali: “….but the plotting of Evil will hem in only the authors thereof….”
Asad: “….Yet [in the end,] such evil scheming will engulf none but its authors…”

6.  Verses 44- 45 bring this magnificent chapter to a close by inviting everyone to travel the earth and learn of God’s Omnipotence from the histories of powerful bygone peoples, and then comes the powerful statement which helps us understand that:

Humanity in general, has committed -and therefore gained- deeds so hurtful (think nuclear bombs, pollution and more) that, had God taken us to task for them, all life on earth would have been obliterated. 
Instead, He delayed such an occurrence until a term defined by other incidents which bring about the end of all Life on earth (incidents not directly related to our destructiveness)!

God is indeed, of His Worshippers, All-seeing!  

Enough said!

Our next Reading is from HQ 36:1-30; a New Chapter!

Peace unto all!

[i] HQ75:18:  This verse is very important as it shows us WHO is presenting the Qur’an to the Messenger, peace upon him!

[ii] Qur’an has no ‘material’ presence and therefore cannot be ‘damaged’ in any way.  So let us worry about what we are warned of:  Abandoning it! 

Abandonment takes on many forms; here are but a few:
--Replacing the Qur’an with the Compilation in our minds. 
--Reciting the Compilation by rote without using our minds. 
--Decorating our shelves and walls with parts of the Compilation that have no presence in our minds.
--Repeating the explanations of our predecessors without using our minds.
--Not paying the entire issue any mind!

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