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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 178; Qur’an HQ 24:36-52, page 355 + 356

Welcome Friends:  Ahlan wa sahlan!

These posts are dated a couple of weeks behind- please bear with me. 
August was a difficult month!

Yusuf Ali’s Translation of this Chapter.
Muhammad Asad’s Translation of this Chapter.
Their commentaries can only be read in verse by verse view.

This Chapter deserves its title!  Its luminosity accompanies us throughout our daily lives, beginning with the recesses of our thoughts, to the words we speak, to the private quarters inside our homes… all the way to our houses of worship and the exemplary persons who stand therein in devotion, undistracted by the outside world.  Such persons know that whatever lies outside of their own commerce and business, is only the means to the end… and the end is with God.   
It is no coincidence that, of the 37 times the word ‘houses- buyootبيوت-’ is mentioned in the Qur’an, FOURTEEN are in the Chapter of Light alone. 

PAGE 355 Arabic Qur’an.

1. Our last Reading ended with Verse 35; the magnificent parable of Light:  It stated that God IS The Light of Heavens and Earth, and then described His Light in a similitude we might comprehend. 
Today’s Reading (Verses 36- 37- 38) continues with the topic of Light:
As we saw, Verse 35 ended by saying, “…Light upon Light; God guides to His Light whom He wills/ him that wills (to be guided) (Ali/Asad), and then Verse 36 continues “In houses which God has allowed to be raised, wherein His Name is remembered…”  This continuation indicates what we might find in these houses of worship:
The theme of ‘God’s Light’ has transported us, from the ‘heavens and earth,’ to focus on active persons ‘rijaal’ who stand in devotion, morning and evening, in houses raised for worship! 
(Where are they, the entire day?  They are ACTIVE at their homes, at their work-places, and at whatever locations they happen to be!  But they make sure to begin their day AND end it... in Worship.) 

It is these devotees who receive and regenerate the light of guidance.  Notice the SEVEN beautiful qualities of such persons, and their even more beautiful recompense, as God ‘rewards them according to the BEST of their deeds!’ 

(Put these three selections separately in Tanzil أحسن ما" –أنزل" - "بأحسن الذي" -  "أحسن الذي" and notice the 5 verses which describe persons  whose bad deeds are overlooked, as they get rewarded by the very best of their deeds- as in HQ 46:16!
Also, remember the difference between the God’s will. God’s Plan, and God’s Leave, شاء and أراد.)

After powerful Persuasion, the next two verses follow with Dissuasion:
In Verse 39, we find ‘Those who Denied’ being described as they pursue their deeds:  The closer they get, the more they observe their deeds vanishing…  like a mirage.

The next six verses all describe creation.
In Verse 40, we find a striking description of ‘the layers of Darkness’ which engulf an unenlightened Self.  This verse is considered a ‘scientific marvel’ in its description of the ocean-depths where no human can descend to, and where-if one did, it would be impossible to see one’s own hand.
The verse ends by stating that, he to whom God has not rendered any Light, shall have no light.
2. Verses 41- 42 take us back to the topic of ‘Tasbeeh’ of June 7th, a term which refers to the MOVEMENT and PROGRESSION of all God’s creatures toward their end.
Remember our Poem: 

Tasbeeh is constant motion
In willing and unwilling devotion

Notice, that God knows of each specific action (فعل (made by each of his creatures; to Him is the dominion of Heavens and earth and to him is the ultimate goal.
(For the difference between ‘fa’ala’ which denotes specific action, and ‘amala’ which denotes action in general, see posting of March 16th.)

3.  Verse 43 is also considered a marvel in its eloquence and its accurate description of rainclouds.   

PAGE 356 Arabic Qur’an.

4.  Verse 44 mentions the alternation of day and night as an instructive example/ a lesson for those who have vision/ eyes to see (Ali/ Asad). 
Verse 45 is REMARKABLE in its statement that, from WATER, God has created every moving creature دابّة – whether it PROCEEDS on its under-parts, on two legs, on four, or in whichever way He created it. 

It is interesting to note the two connotations of ‘mashaaمشى- [i]:’
‘To walk/ crawl/ advance,’ AND ‘to proliferate,’ which is why I used the word ‘proceed’ which denotes both the movement and the production.

5.  Verse 46 tells us that God has sent illuminating/ demonstrative Signs and guides whomever He wills/ whoever wills (to be guided) to a STRAIGHT PATH.

This tells us, dear Reader, that all what we see around us of this earth’s marvels, is indicative of its Creator and that these marvels would guide us, IF we were aware, to the Straight Path.   

6.  Verses 47-  48- 49- 50 describe people whose declarations of faith are belied by their actions.  They turn away despite announcing their obedience to God and His Messenger, and they pick and choose what judgments to accept or disregard. 
Three explanations are given as to their behavior: 
A Disease of the heart/ mind (hypocrisy), Doubt, or Dread… after which they are labeled ‘Wrongdoers.’

7.  Verses 51- 52 describe the response of Faithful persons when called to God and His Messenger to judge between them:
“We hear and we obey..”  It is such persons who are THE Successful/ Achievers.

We end today’s Reading with the combination of Obedience to God and His Messenger, PLUS feeling awed by God, PLUS being Aware of Him: 
It is this combination which leads us ultimately to Salvation/ Deliverance (فوز)!
Enough said!

Our next Reading is from HQ 24:53-64.
Peace unto all!

 [i] مشي:  أصلانِ صحيحان، أحدهما يدلُّ على حركة الإنسان وغيره، والآخَر النَّماء والزيادة.
والأوّل مَشَى يَمشِي مَشْياً. وشرِبْتُ مَشُوَّاً ومَشِيَّاً، وهو الدَّواء الذي يُمْشِي.
والآخر المَشَاء، وهو النِّتاج الكثير، وبه سمِّيت الماشية. وامرأةٌ ماشية: كثُر ولدُها. وأمْشَى الرّجُل: كثُرت ماشيتُه

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