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Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 109; Qur’an 10: 54-70, page 215 + 216

Welcome Friends:  Ahlan wa sahlan!
Yusuf Ali’s Translation of this Chapter.
Muhammad Asad’s Translation of this Chapter.
Their commentaries can only be read in verse by verse view.

PAGE 215 Arabic Qur’an.
1.  After we discussed ‘shirk/associating partners with God,’ yesterday, our Reading today is about:
Some people’s Irreparable Regret, and the equitable recompense which God gives each of us in the Hereafter (Verse 54); about God’s Omnipotence and the truth of His Promise (Verse 55); about God as Commander of Life and Death, and the fact that to Him is our ultimate Destination (Verse 56).
2.  Verse 57 is an announcement to Humanity in general, telling them that THIS is an Admonition to them all, and a Healing.  Furthermore, to those who Believe, it will also be Guidance and Mercy… and in THAT they should rejoice (Verse 58).

3.  Verse 59 asks a question of the utmost seriousness.  God has given NO ONE the right to render ‘lawful’ or ‘unlawful’ ANY of the sustenance He has provided for us, and the Qur’an challenges those who do, by asking them whether God had permitted them to do that, or were they attributing their own inventions to Him?  
Verse 60 asks an even more serious question:  What do they think they would deserve on Resurrection Day?  The verse ends by showing us God’s limitless bounty.

4.  Verse 61 is a powerful ‘Awareness-Booster,’ informing us that all our deeds are witnessed –even as we immerse ourselves in them- and that no detail escapes God; whether it’s the weight of an atom, or bigger or smaller, everything is in a self-evident compilation.
This, dear Reader, should make us stop in our tracks!

PAGE 216 Arabic Qur’an.

5.  Verses 62-63 tell us of a category of exceptional people indeed: ‘Awliyaa’ul-Lah- أولياء الله-’- ‘Those with a close relationship to God,’ upon whom shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.
A ‘wali ولي-’ of God is a title only He can grant, yet it is what every True Believer aspires to be!  Their general description is that:

·  They Believedآمنوا- .
·  They were consistently Aware  كانوا يتقون- .
In HQ 46:13 we are told their general description again, but from another angle:
إِنَّ الَّذِينَ قَالُوا رَبُّنَا اللَّـهُ ثُمَّ اسْتَقَامُوا فَلَا خَوْفٌ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا هُمْ يَحْزَنُونَ ﴿١٣﴾

· They have acknowledged that their Rightful Lord is God, and worshipped Him.
· They have formulated their strategy, and at every turn in life, they re-straighten their course.

Verse 64 tells us that, theirs are the Glad Tidings in this immediate life and in the Hereafter, and we wonder: 
What does it mean that such persons will get glad tidings in life?

Then we read HQ 41:30, which informs us exactly how: With angels oft-descending upon them, bearing comfort and encouragement!  

إِنَّ الَّذِينَ قَالُوا رَبُّنَا اللَّـهُ ثُمَّ اسْتَقَامُوا تَتَنَزَّلُ عَلَيْهِمُ الْمَلَائِكَةُ أَلَّا تَخَافُوا وَلَا تَحْزَنُوا وَأَبْشِرُوا بِالْجَنَّةِ الَّتِي كُنتُمْ تُوعَدُونَ ﴿٣٠﴾

Being a ‘wali’ of God means beginning with the general criteria of Faith and Awareness mentioned above, and then growing in our Selves and gaining closeness to Him by our actions ACCORDING TO THE RECOMMENDATIONS HE GAVE us in the Qur'an (copy + paste "خوف عليهم" with quotes in Tanzil; we're already familiar with these recommended actions!).  This closeness will lead to our being reinforced by angels oft-descending  upon us, and to an immunity from fear and grief, and the dread of Death. 
May we grow in faith and good deeds so as to deserve one day to be in that category! 
No alteration is there to God’s words.  That is the supreme achievement.

Interestingly, in HQ 62:6 the Qur’an challenged those who had claimed that they were ‘Awliyaa’ul-Lah أولياء الله-’ –by showing them that death was the last thing they desired!

6.  Verse 65 relieves the Messenger, peace upon him, of his grief.
Verse 66 reminds us of God’s Omnipotence and of the fact that people who associate partners with God only follow conjecture.
Verse 67 reminds us of what God had created for our benefit.

7.  Verses 68-69-70 discuss allegations such as attributing a son to God, Who is Self-Sufficient and to Whom belongs all that is in the Heavens and on Earth.  After asking if they have evidence for that, the verses give a dire warning of suffering for those who fabricate lies against God!

Enough said!
Our next Reading is from HQ 10: 71-88.

Peace unto all!

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